Kaunas “Varpas“ gymnasium is a state-funded secondary education institution. It is a modern school oriented towards contemporary students and teachers’ competences, seeking optimum learning quality. Students aged from 15 to 19 are studying in the gymnasium. The gymnasium is adjusted for the disabled.

According to the attitude maintained by all teachers of the gymnasium, each student and his/her success are important. A significant attention is paid to individuality of a student taking into consideration his/her abilities and skills. Learners are provided not only with theoretical, but also practical knowledge that is of crucial importance to their real life. Both subject and personal competences are developed. Therefore, teachers and administration of the school are always involved in the process of gaining new competences. Teachers are searching for more attractive ways and methods to render information and involve students into the process of learning during lessons.

„Varpas“ gymnasium has been involved in international projects since 1995. It has been a member of ELOS network (Europe as Learning Environment), which means that the aim of the gymnasium is internationalisation of its activity. Thus, regular student exchange projects with foreign partners are organized and delegations from other countries frequently visit the institution. Students can choose from a wide range of foreign languages. As well as this, teachers have been implementing CLIL for more than 10 years.

Since 2017 all students of the gymnasium have to choose the topic of their interest and develop a year-project called Student’s Individual Project or it can be a group project. In such a way students gain the basic understanding how to conduct the research, how to collect and analyse the obtained data. Moreover, they develop their competence of public speaking by presenting the project to the audience at the end of the school year.

Gymnasium teachers, administration and support specialists cooperate seeking the common aim, which is creating the stimulating environment for students.

Kaunas “Varpas” gymnasium belongs to the network of Lithuania’s health promoting schools. A huge variety of health-related topics are integrated in the school curriculum.


The gymnasium also is a part of MEPA (The Ambassador of European Parliament), which means that a number of activities related to the European context are integrated in both formal and informal education.